Why God Particle Demonstration Is a Flop Show?

Higgs Boson later renamed as God Particle by Leon M. Lederman in 1993 was speculated for the first time in 1962 by Philip Warren Anderson on the basis of mathematical-logical derivation having roots in the then contemporary beliefs of Physicists. It was further speculated that once its existence, even if transient, is experimentally proved, then it shall be possible to explain entire cosmic phenomena on its basis right from origin of universe up to evolution of man and even thereafter.

Therefore, it was not surprising that a large number of Physicists got down to the task of speculating the experimental conditions under which transiently existent God Particles can be demonstrated. A group of Physicists visualized that if in a linear accelerator, Hydrogen Particles are accelerated to the velocity of light, it should be possible to demonstrate its existence. Hence at CERN, Large Hadron Collider experiment was conceived and implemented.

Scientists at CERN built world's largest linear particle accelerator 27 kilometers long, 175 meters below the surface of earth across Franco- Swiss border at Geneva. After spending huge amount of time and money the experiment was commissioned on 10th September, 2008 and the world waited anxiously for the final announcement affirming existence of God Particle. However even after nearly 4 years, there are only assurances and final announcement is still awaited.

Large Hadron Collider experiment was doomed to failure at inception because the entire concept of God Particle and the experiment itself suffer from many infirmities, some of which are as under:-

1. God as defined by the author in his book can't have a particulate character. Therefore' there does not arise any question of existence of God Particle.

2. Existential dilemma versus Transient Particles: The key issue in nature since its origin has been effective resolution of existential dilemma all the time with in the interior of all stable particles. Existential dilemma has been inherent in this universe due to conflicts among conditions which a particle has to satisfy all the time to keep its existence. Therefore demonstration of transient God Particles can't be of much help in resolving fundamental mysteries of nature. Hence, it is impossible that cosmic phenomena can be understood and explained comprehensively on the basis of God Particle. A transient particle at the most reflects process of transformation and is useful to this extent only, in understanding nature. Theoretically speaking, there can be any number of transient particles in this universe.

3. Inability to complete the experiment: It is theoretically impossible to accelerate Hydrogen atoms to the velocity of light. As per Einstein's Theory of Relativity, this is bound to be associated with infinite increase in mass requiring infinite energy and this clearly being totally unmanageable and hence impossible(This is without prejudice to author's doubts regarding this theory). In a nuclear fusion reactor when Hydrogen atoms are accelerated to a velocity of 750 KM/sec, nuclear fusion occurs and Helium is formed. Therefore, accelerating Hydrogen atoms to velocity of light (3,00,000 KM/sec) is clearly farfetched. This must precisely be the reason for appearance of Helium in the tunnel contrary to claims of scientists at CERN that Helium leaked in to the tunnel.

4. Demonstration of God Particles, even if under some extraordinary conditions will still leave a question to be answered. How nature secured the experimental conditions without human intervention shall still remain a mystery demanding satisfactory reply.

5. Physicists, with the best of their efforts and with the help of entities like God Particles, one day may be able to explain Physical and Chemical phenomena as regrouping of variable sums of matter and energy, but shall never be able to explain Biological phenomena and resolution of existential dilemma, both of which demand purposeful action not in terms of Natural Laws but in terms of goals and objectives. Therefore, Physicists are inherently incapable of providing comprehensive explanation of this world.

Therefore, human imagination venturing into God Particle is merely a flight of fantasy or a myth of scientific origin and therefore experiments carried out to demonstrate its existence were predestined to be a flop show, leave apart Higgs Boson ever providing comprehensive explanation of nature, universe and this world.

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